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So, /a/, after seeing this referenced in Hayate no Gotoku and mumbled about in the shadier corners of the interwebs, I was considering watching it. However, poking around led me to descriptions like:
>Someone explain the general concept of Revolutionary Girl Utena to me because I've caught a few episodes on TV and goddamn it makes no sense at ALL
>You're not going to get anything without seeing it from the beginning.
>But it's an allegory of growing up and setting aside childish fantasies.
>Alternatively, it's an allegory of growing up and finding out that what gender you are doesn't necessarily determine what gender you're attracted to.
>Or it's the mahou shoujo equivalent of Evangelion where the creative forces behind it are trying to deconstruct the stereotypes of the genre then build them up again into something different...with about a metric ton of random-arse 'symbolism' thrown on top because it looks nifty.
>Or it's what Kunihiko Ikuhara did next after getting fired from directing Sailor Moon because he was taking it in weird directions that Naoko Takeuchi disapproved of.
>Or it's any or all of the above, plus any number of other interpretations.

What does /a/ think?