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After living among Danish warriors for 10 years now I have come to the final realization and understanding that the majority of Danish don't or can't love. This is a generalization, but I do believe it is true and very real. I used to believe that Danes just had trouble expressing love. Danes certainly have great difficulty expressing deep personal feelings. I am often amazed from personal experiences and from what I hear from survivors of Danish raids how socially and emotionally challenged Danes are. Killing seems to cover an inability to express feelings. Social conditioning and a warlike mentality seem to be the logical explanation.

Going back to my realization that Danes don't love, I believe Denmark or Danes don't have a love culture. What I mean is love isn't valued as much as pride or "proving oneself in a fight". I want to make myself clear. I am not talking about a “boy meets girl and falls in love” kind of love. Danes do fall in love and have the feelings lust or “wanting to fuck”. I am talking about family love, a love for friends and a love for people in general. People just don't love each other. Families are ....loveless. I guess I can explain by telling you of one of my experiences.