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So /a/, just the other day we had a small discussion thread about anime and our method of selecting one. Though the thread originated from a troll, it turned out pretty "OK" near the end before it got deleted. Still, there were rather few trolls in the thread itself, and we all were good chums and could talk normally of anime we found watchworthy and speak of how we selected what anime to watch.

Now this Anonymous likes a pleasant talk every now and then, and would like to see if we, once more, could begin a little talk about how we go about selecting the anime we want.

Myself, I watch whatever /a/ watches and consequently drop it during the first few episodes, often times sticking with just about three or four shows every season: Some seasons leave me with less than that, and I've once experienced a "dry" season.

Currently, I watch True Tears and CLANNAD, which I have stuck with since the opening episodes. I am, however, not a usual fan of eroge-turned-anime anime, nor do I usually like the harem principle. I've only just started True Tears, though, so chances are I'll drop it soon afterwards anyway.

What does /a/ watch and how did /a/ select it?