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- What is it, Mei? - He asked with an innocent voice. - Is everything alright?

- It's... it's weird... I felt something hard here... and... oh!

She covered her mouth with her hands and her brown eyes widened. Sunohara whimpered.

- Nii-chan... you... - Then she turned red too.

- It's not like I wanted it to get hard! It... It was your damn fault! And... Okazaki, I'm going to kill you!

- No, no, it's not my fault you're such a rude, perverted maid.

- Uuuh... nii-chan, I never thought that you...

- NO! No! Mei, you're getting it all wrong!

- Yeah, you're so unfair, I mean, you're brothers after all. You two have the same fetishes, right? So you should understand him - Mei looked terrified.

- Wha...!? Of course not...

But Tomoya held her hips and forced her to rub her crotch against Sunohara's bulge. He gasped and she trembled. He did it again, and Mei let out a cute, soft moan.

- See?

- No... that's not...

- Dammit, would you sto...

But Tomoya ignored his friend and did it again, and again. Mei's hands held his, trying to stop him, but her grip weakened quickly. She felt shocks of pleasure running through her body, and she threw her head back, her mouth in a little cute "O" shape.

- See? You're both enjoying it. You're a weird family, aren't you?