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Cirno, may you criticize this text of mine?

Both mourning and celebration were still dying off as the clock’s bell announced the midnight. One by one, completely drugged by an oxymoronic combination of breaking sorrow and intense happiness, the survivors and their families slowly left the building. Their destination, the place they’re able to call “home”.

With a fake smile, Simon managed to greet them good bye. He could barely stand it- the overwhelming flood of congratulations, admiration and happiness. His actions had bring forth her death, his hands ultimately destroying what he was fighting for. “You okay? You know I can see through that lame cheerful mask of your.” His introspection was suddenly broken by a familiar voice. She could probably see it in his eyes, the painful bitterness taking over his heart. “It’s… it’s nothing, Yoko. Don’t let yourself be worried about stuff like this.” Leaving her behind, Simon grasped at the silence now governing the hall. It was not a long while ago that Nia had took the lead when heading to their bedroom, excusing himself with words like "light-headed" or "confused".