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So I finally started reading Jojo again. It took about two years for me to pick it up, mostly because scans for Part 3 were so shitty. Which is ironic, because only started because I watched the Stardust Crusaders OAV.

Well, my campus's bookstore weeaboo section happened to have Vol 1-9 of Jojo part 3, so I began to read it again. Then, once I'd worked up momentum, I read the shitty scans I had downloaded as fast as I could, before the quality got too frustrating to continue. I made it all the way to Part 4, but now it's bad in a different way. It's finally decent sized pages, but it's hard to take Jojo seriously when he says "im gonna punch u now". And the typos... Oh god the typos. Apparently Jonathan was the son of a 'brtish aristacrat' and an avid 'esplorer'.

Long story short, when I complained about this earlier, someone linked to this:
It's a Conan project, cleaning up the font, grammar, and spelling. Does anyone know if there is more? Most of the sites where I could download the jojo manga (, tokyotosho) have the same scans.