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Please recommend to me some badly drawn, poorly written, over-extended crap that I can watch so that my uber-leet geekazoid pals will let me continue to play Dungeon & Dragons with them on Saturdays while our parents are out drinking in hopes of forgetting what losers their children have turned out to be.

I will never understand why the Japanese draw people with such HUGE eyes. What is that about? No one has eyes that big, especially no one on the Asian continent.

Why does it take four episodes of anime to accomplish what can be accomplished (plot-wise) on an American program in about five minutes?

What is the deal with the tentacles and school outfits?

The fight scense blow. If I was in a fight-to-the-death with some guy, and he started glowing and screaming, I'd take the opportunity to sucker-punch him in the throat.

What is the deal with a seemingly-serious/dramatic piece turning cartoony for absolutely no reason? Do the people drawing these things think those of you watching this are so retarded that you won't realize a character is embarrassed unless they draw said character's head two sizes too big and over-pigment it with red shading? Or is it just that they realize they suck at what they do, and can't make such a point any other way?

Anyone who is posting here who is not posting here to make fun of fans of anime have failed at life. Please /wrists now.

Anime sucks. 'Nuff said.

Your Pal,