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Nagisa and I returned to the Furukawa household and was greeted by both Sanae and Pops. After the greetings, Nagisa headed for the living room, to watch a few plays to practice for her drama performance for the upcoming Founders day, while I headed for my room. Sanae-san soon came after and offered me one of her new bread with a brand new filling. I took her offer and began to eat them and she quickly left right after. The sun sets and Nagisa returned to her room after a quick visit into my room and I soon fell into sleep. At midnight, I was awoken by the sliding door and noticed somebody coming in. I knew it could only be one person so I called out his name.
"Pops, what're you doing in here" I called out to him, but heard no response.
I then felt a heavy weight coming onto my futon and got up as fast as I could. The moonlit room brought out the orange colored eyes of the person who intruded my room. I then found out the figure wasn't that of Pops, but of Sanae-san.