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My conclusion

Plot with tactics with porn

The tactic part is just... well How should I say it? It was too easy and Magic had a too minor role. No abilities just a dumb click combo system.

The porn part was kinda rushed. Every girl knew that he fucked all of em ... and they didn't care?! Also 1-2 images with HUGE FAIL text. The only time I had a hard on was with Yuzuha (Katawa Shoujo here I come).

A huge disappointment is that the story is too fucking linear. My motivation is to get MAI WAIFU in 'eroge?'. But here you just fuck all of them and no one cares etc... The bittersweet 'open?' end was just too much. Yeah I am sad but I still raged. It turned from an awesome feudal themed game into a spectacular never seen before MECHA SHITFEST... Also too many things were unanswered. Like what did Kamyuu mean when she said 'Why didn't you chose me?' or what happened between Urutori and Karura in the past? There were many things more but I forgot almost everything (sad if such thing happens).

All I can say is that I really enjoyed it up to the mecha part. Everything went down the hill from there on.