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Lucky star in distress over american release
Ok comrades we have a big problem and its time to put a stop to it so I call on you all. Bandai and other corps are killing anime in the usa and now we must fix it since we are the only ones who can. Read this report here Click Here Basically the new pres of Bandai doesnt understand the fans that watch the anime they put out which is a big problem for what is left of the anime industry in America. I know I as well of most of you out there love anime the way it is ment to be RAW and dubbed anime as far as I’m concerned is a waste of dvd space. We need to voice this to Bandai that its a waste and nobody needs dubbed Lucky Star. I mean think about someone other than Aya Hirano voicing Konata I mean seriously thats just wrong. Plus the fact that the company still insists on making the region code hard to get for the dvd’s. Please go to Bandai’s site and voice

The funny thing is, the dub might be pretty good.