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Dear /a/,
I'm forcing myself to read Jojo again. The scans for series 1 and 2 are good, but then they get all tiny for Stardust Crusaders (which, of course, is the reason anyone from 4chan would even hear of it) and I gave up. This was two years ago. But now that they're being released in English, I saw them at a bookstore and read a bunch there, built up momentum, and came home to read the scans before the quality got so bad it pissed me off.

Well, I finished series 3, but now the series 4 scans are bad for a different reason. (Hard to take JoJo seriously when he keeps saying, "im gonna punch u" and "lol u tk him to da bar|?"). And worse, they keep leaving whole speech bubbles untranslated, which always pisses me off. I don't mind some catscratch sound effects, but whole moon runes? In my manga? It's more annoying than you think!

Can someone please just tell me what Josuke's stand's battlecry is? I think I can stomach these scans, I know that