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There was a Death Note thread in /v/ the other day (go figure) and for some reason, it was one of the highest quality threads I have seen during my time there.

Not saying that the only good thread in /v/ is a thread that's not related to /v/, but there was something about the subject we were discussing.

You see, it started off as a discussion about the Death Note game, but soon veered off into spoilers, and shortly after, parodies.

And parodies, my friends, are what made that thread gold. Unfortunately, I was only in time to save one or two parodies (mainly Swimming Lessons) of Death Note before the thread 404'ed. Unfortunately, there were still at least half a page full of these parodies that I missed.

I beg you, /a/, post whatever Death Note parody panels, gifs, jpegs you have. I hadn't laughed so hard in far too long a time.