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Another hard day of training was gone. Lying in his bunk, he stared at the ceiling, ignoring his snoring partners.
It had been some tough months in training camp, but it wasn't nearly enough. He reflected his true goal, to become the greatest mech pilot of his generation, to annihilate the invading enemy forces, and end the war.
It might have been too much for any other cadet, to aspire to be the prime piece in this conflict theater. Not for him. Top of the class, unbeaten in versus matches, neural responses well over average. He allowed himself a smug smile in the dark. He was on his way to become a true hero. But it was too slow. It would take another year before he got to see any real action, and who knew...

The rumbling sound of a not-so-far explosion interrupted his thoughts. It couldn't be the enemy, it was too close to the capital, and they wouldn't dare.
A second explosion, followed by the wail of the raid sirens. Students around him started to wake up, fumbling confused. It was his chance; the only one. Jumping off his bunk, he landed firmly, and started to dash to the hangars.
Running through the halls, his heart beats resonated through his head. Finding at first nothing but a few sleepy headed cadets, the more he progressed towards the hangars, he found more and more people like him, many of them actual pilots, in clean crisp jumpsuits. Some with determined eyes, others with the fear of the first battle in their faces.