Sex Note

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A person posted a
picture of two HK movie stars engaging in a sexual act. It was a minor event until the next day, another person
posted another picture of the male HK movie star (Edison Chen) having
sex with ANOTHER female star.

A third
photo emerged one day later with Edison Chen sleeping with a THIRD
star - he sure does go around. Then the truth came out. Edison Chen
likes to take photos of woman that he slept with as a trophy.
Unfortunately, he also took the computer with those photos to a
service center. The workers there promptly copied the photos and it
got leaked.
It happens that Edison Chen's current girlfriend Vincy Yeung (most
like ex-girlfriend now) is the niece of the Chairmen of Emperor
Entertainment Group. Some phonecalls were made, and the HK police went
into overdrive - forum administrators are contacted to take down all
photos, the Interpol is asked to help track down the perpetrators,
various people who uploaded the photos are arrested, the HK police
commissioner even went on HK radio and told everyone who has those
photos on their HDD is a criminal!! It was a race against time to stop
any more photos from appearing on the internet, but the photos keep

On the 6th of Feb, the police has announced that they have arrested
the culprit, who is denied bail. As if mocking the police, a person
using the name 'Kira' promised to post more photos later in the day.
The forum server promptly crashed with over 10 million hits!! True to
his word, more photos were released, and a batch of 400 photos was
made available via P2P after the new year. Kira lives on!! And the police is helpless!!