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I am quite new to 4chan but i already have a theory about /a/tards in relation to university students. They are the quiet ones in your leatures, they are the ones who leave right away to go back home. They can not be found in the student bar, nor the cafe, the workshop or the library. They can be found in their rooms, alone, day after day, time passing them by. They are one of my housemates, everyday he sits in his room, door locked, never joining in with the rest of us, just grunting if we pass him by. Hes the one who befriends few, hes the one no body likes because he does not try.

He hates emos, goths, hippies, preps, everyone. He hates all society, all sub cultures, their clothes, their music, everything about them because hes not a 'part' of it. He does not have friends, girlfriends, he does not go out and have fun, so he resents them. He hates them... Soon people stop trying to be friendly, they wanted to get to know him, they thought he was shy, no hes just mean, he just doesnt like anyone, so they reject him and he just hates them more.

He hates everyone, day after day on /a/ he posts hate messages against blacks/jews/gays/emos/goths/etc, he does not see people anymore, just things he hates. Other /a/tards cheer him on, nurtures his hate, to the point he can never rejoin society.

He hates everyone, bitter twisted and warped.

This is your destiny.

Im getting the fuck out of here before it becomes mine.