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TOKYO, Japan (CNN) -- Condemnations rang out from several corners in Japan Tuesday after a 38-year-old U.S. Marine was accused of raping a 14-year-old local girl on the southern island of Okinawa.

A van carries a U.S. Marine accused of sexual assault leaves a police station in Okinawa, Japan.

Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda deplored the incident as "unforgivable" and Okinawa authorities are bracing for protests if Staff Sgt. Tyrone Luther Hadnott is charged in the Sunday night attack. Under Japanese law, a person can be held up to 10 days without charges.

The episode echoes a similar incident more than a decade ago that strained relations between the United States and Japan.

"There have been incidents like this in the past and it is a problem that it has occurred again," Fukuda told a parliamentary panel Tuesday. "We take this very seriously."

Also on Tuesday, the deputy police chief of Okinawa City released more details of the alleged crime to CNN, saying Hadnott offered to take the girl home on his motorcycle.

Heard about this on /n/ earlier, but now it's just hilarious.