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So today in the computer lab I was with a girl (we partners in a project, /a/non is too ronery to have a girlfriend) and I stupidly gave her my flash drive. Stupidly you ask? Earlier (a few days ago) I had named it Yumemi and so as she put it in the computer it came up with "Yumemi (G:) inserted." I could feel my heart stop, my face redden, my brain screaming "GET TALLER!" Then I heard her quietly giggle "Clang Clang Clang" and everything proceeded smoothly, she didn't say anything and we finished the project. I think I've just found one /a/non. An /a/non-tan in the wild. What should I do /a/? We have to present tomorrow and I don't want to release anymore of my power levels.

in b4 /a/ is not your blog, no girls on the intarwebs, etc. and pic probably not related