Naruto >> Kamina and TTGL in general

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Last thread 404'd we continue here.

*Naruo's rasengan = a spiral that breaks through almost everything. The spiral in TTGL, a rip-off rasengan?

*Naruto speaks of greatness and hope. So does Kamina. But Naruto remains the winner in this field because he overcomes the struggles we ugly and mediocre people have to overcome, while Kamina who was born handsome and charismatic died early, way before reaching his goals.

*Naruto's fights aren't decided by how loud you can scream "Who the hell do you think we are" and pull off a new power level out his ass. Unlike TTGL.

*Naruto Uzumaki is a metaphor on life and it's struggles. He is a great depiction of life.

Do you find anything this deep in TTGL?