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Getting him into the maid costume was simple. Sunohara was easy to trick and Tomoya just had to do a few simple mind games to get him into that cute, gray costume. But even Sunohara was smart enough to notice that something was terribly wrong when he found himself trapped in the storage room alone with his best friend, who had this strange little smile. But he couldn't run away. Yukine's curse could only be broken by Tomoya, and there was no way he would do it before getting what he wanted.

- Great, the last thing I need is that someone finds me trapped in a storage room together with a guy in a maid dress. Isn't it the worst, Okazaki?

When he turned around trying to hide his nervousness, Tomoya got closer to him. He couldn't help but smile creepily as he gripped Sunohara's shoulders. He froze, but didn't turn around.

- ... Okazaki?

He didn't answer, and pressed him against the wall, slowly. His fingers ran softly through his hair, arms and back, and he kissed his neck tenderly. That was enough to make Sunohara snap. Like a scared animal he fought back, throwing punches and kicks, shouting and trying to make as much noise as possible, but Tomoya wasn't about to give up. Yukine's curse assured that no one would interrupt him, and he was stronger and bigger than Sunohara. He easily pushed him against the wall again, and his right hand went right up his skirt.

- Uwah!

He gasped with a surprisingly cute voice, his blue eyes opening wide. Tomoya chuckled and nipped his neck while stroking him softly, his other hand caressing his chest.