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Recently, me and some friends of mine had an encounter with some anime fans (or "otaku-tachi", as they called themselves) at a restaurant.
There were 6 of them, 5 girls, one guy.
One of the fatter girls was wearing a plastic crown, like something you'd get at a kids party. Her fringe went over her eyes, like some scene kid, or whatever Americans call them.
At first I groaned a bit when I saw them coming towards the restaurant. 5 SECONDS IN, and I had already overheard an utterance of "onee-chan", who I later found out was the big lanky fucker that was in their group.
They were all seated about a table away from me and my friends.
I overheard the following things I overheard.
- Every 3rd word being "random".
- A LOT of Naruto talk.
- A "serious" discussion on Elfen Lied.
- Something about GaiaOnline.
- "Onee chan" talking about doing a joke fandub
- At least 2 counts of someone literally saying XD.

Of course, I couldn't stand for it, so I told the waitress that one of them had a blade on them. Couple of minutes later, it turns out "Onee Chan" had one on him.

And yeah, I admit, I hate that anime is overly mainstream now. I admit that I'd want it to be like one of those stupid secret clubs that kids have, with "no faggots allowed". I'd kill for that.

tl;dr I hate anime fans.