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Seriously, I am kicking myself for not watching this at the time. I loved the was it was presented (lol shaft,) the way they wove the plotlines together without resorting to a crappy arc based structure, the music and OH GOD THE MUSIC WAS FUCKING AMAZING I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH IT EVEN MORE THAN I WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH THAT ONE TRACK IN SOLA, YOU KNOW, THE ONE WITH THE UPBEAT VIOLIN THAT PLAYED WHEN THEY WERE JUST WALKING AROUND, the characters, Renji's awesome ahoge, and how they managed to end it without resorting to the good old KEY style, "lets cure all the main characters to their full health with some unexplained miracle."

Call me a faggot, but I was actually quite touched by said end; I'll admit Hiro arriving at the phonebox just as the card ran out was cheesy, as was Renji's page grabbing scene, but Chihiro's "I couldn't possibly not think about you for a whole thirteen hours!" was both unexpected way of doing things (like I said, I'd assumed the miracles route) and sweet.