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I blinked.
This was definitely significant.

Hazel eyes locked mine earnestly.

Too innocent…

A shifting of feet on the floor

Too kind…

The soft floral scent of shampoo drifted over.

You could do so much better…

- -

I accepted the proffered treat, well aware of the responding spike in my pulse as our fingers brushed lightly during the transfer.

The heart-shape of the confection along with her softly blushing cheeks led me to conclude I had just received my first honemi choco.

Shimmering eyes turned nervous as the silence stretched on. “I understand if you… if you're-”

- -

You deserve better…

I grabbed her fingers before she could slip away, pulling her

…you’re more than I deserve

close enough to feel her chest rise and fall, eyes locked, unblinking.

But far be it for me…

“Arigato, Nagisa.” Gently I pressed against her lips, lingering only a moment before withdrawing. Surprise blossomed into delight as she launched herself at me, eyes now filled with happy tears.

…to try to change your mind.