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Earlier today I was pondering over why there is no Touhou anime, it's obvious that the fans want it and I don't buy ZUN's statement that he'd have to create new characters and a plot for it. The following are the best reasons I can think of to explain why there's no Touhou anime.

1. ZUN hates anime and has absolutely no interest in ever having one made.

2. ZUN is playing the waiting game. Every year Touhou gets bigger and more popular so there's no real rush to make an anime, why bother making one now when in a few years time the fanbase (aka market) will be significantly larger.

3. No studio is interested in making a Touhou anime OR no studio ZUN respects enough to handle the project carefully have expressed an interest.

4. The anime will happen when the creative well dries up or ZUN tires of making games and needs a less strenuous means of earning a living.