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She gripped the skirt edge in her teeth and let it take the brunt of her clenching jaw. Her fingers ran on automatic, so well accustomed by now to the slithering run down her lower belly and along the jutting mound of her young cunt, massaging their tips up and down either side of her slit until it frothed and ached for attention. This time she had no patience for teasing herself to a climax first. Her middle finger pressed tight down onto her vaginal slit, grinding the knuckle into herself with deliberate force, while two more pressed down on her outer labia and slowly spread them apart to an obscene splay. Her fingertips deftly found a mark between those plump lips and sank an inch or so inward, only to spread apart once more, this time opening her cunt itself to the air. Amu groaned into her skirt as her pussy gaped from end to end, gasping open along its rippling muscular length as if trying to suck the freezing air into its depths. The sensation of a frosty breeze blowing right up her cunt and into the yawning cavern of her womb sent a whole new flurry of spasms through her body, bringing forth yet more juice squirting onto the snowy ground.

Am I going in the right direction with this one anonymous? I swear it WILL be finished....soon.