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I'm bored. It's night shift. Let's do this shit.

Warning: tl;dr

Movies are an interesting thing. It's supposed to "entertainment", a "social experience", and a whole other myriad of bullshit that eventually leads to "cough up $8.00 to be placated for 90 minutes". Or, if you're paying for a girl, $16.00, plus any money for snacks, but that's just splitting hairs.

As you walk out, your date (some girl you met at work) asks what you thought. You say that you tuned out when it became obvious that the stupid bitch of a female protagonist would end up with the stupid bastard of a male protagonist after a series of cheap poorly written "hijinks" that essentially made up the pile of tripe that was the "romantic comedy".

She informs you that she thought it was a good movie, and you say that it's none of your business if she has horrible taste. She's pretty put off by this, and says that she thinks that was a pretty rude comment. By this point, you don't really give a shit about finishing this date, so you give a nonchalant "Good for you." And head for your car. After a couple seconds, you glance back and see that she's storming off. Why do all your dates end like this?

As you drive home, you turn on the radio. You hear a warning about wild animal attacks. You've heard it so many times by now, you practically tune it out. The only part that really catches your attention is that the warning now says not to be out at night unless necessary, as that's when the attacks have happened with the highest frequency. You open your mouth and say "That'd be just my luc-"

Unfortunately, you're interrupted when a deer smashes right into your car and sends you off the road, into the air, and upside down.

Apparently, it WAS just your luck.