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Vote for your favorite Touhou characters and music.
1.go to the link,insert e-mail address to get and ID, don't forget to check spam mail
2.go to the same link, click the words in the red box
3.copy paste ID, 2nd box for name (optional), and select 5 chracters that you like. The first charcter you choose gets two points while all the other only gets one. The white box next to it are for comments (optional). Click the box at the bottom to vote, scroll down and click again to confirm vote.
4.Click on the words in the green box to vote for music. This is done the same way as the chracters but all choises gets 1 point only.
5.The words in the orange box will lead to a survay for Touhou game players. If you want to do this copy paste everything into google translator or something.

The blue box leads to sites with picutes.

Lol, moonspeak.