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I still go to /a/ because every time there is a blatant spoiler posted, I laugh at the mods. Wow. That's against the rules you know you dumbshit mods. Spoilers aren't allowed. I sit and laugh at the dumbshit mods for a good 15 minutes per spoiler. I could be such a better mod than you dumbshits, it's obvious that you know NOTHING about anime and therefore have no way to enforce this rule. The only thing you can do is to delete things you "think" aren't related to anime and things that you deem not safe for work. We should post a lot of half naked lolis (just above the waist) and there would be no justice in mods deleting it since it could possibly be shota nipples. They're so dumbshit they wouldn't know. Fuck em. If someone who actually watched anime (and had a decent taste) was given mod powers then /a/ would be a better place.

Too bad that will never happen, shit sucks faggots.