/a/ssholes in Taiwan

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TAIPEI - WEARING colourful masks and black T-shirts with women-hating slogans, dozens of young men paraded through an upscale Taipei shopping centre one night last December yelling at startled couples: 'Lovers, go to hell.'

It was a rare moment of public exposure for Taiwan's so-called 'home boys' - a generation of single young men who spend their evenings cloistered at home playing online computer games, reading fantasy comic books and complaining in Internet chatrooms about women.

'You don't have to be sad if you don't have a date,' said 24-year-old college student Lu Yung-ping. 'We can huddle together and have fun.'

Taiwan is not alone in having such 'home boys'. Japan, Hong Kong and the fast-growing areas of coastal China also have their own versions of them.