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>So now that funimation is finally releasing One Piece do you think it will be successful in america?

>I'm not sure, really. I hope so.

>One Piece has had a really interesting and sometimes quite sad struggle in its attempt to cross the Pacific. The initial hope was that it'd take over as the giant shonen anime juggernaut Dragon Ball Z had become, bringing waves of new fans into the hobby, selling mountains of merchandise and posting great ratings on Cartoon Network.

>As we all know, that never happened. Many factors were to blame; one, it was never clear whether or not a young American audience would take to One Piece's admittedly strange-looking, nontraditional art style. Two, the integrity of the original story was utterly compromised by 4Kids, not to mention nearly everything else about the series. 4Kids' One Piece dub is doubtlessly the worst, most misguided mass-market English dub I've ever seen, and I've seen Cardcaptors, for god's sake.

>One thing the 4Kids version did bring us was what is the most hilariously terrible American opening theme for a localized anime series ever made. Have you forgotten about it?