Thank you /A/...for being like family

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How many of you come on to /a/ everyday? I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who makes /a/ into /a/. I've only been on 4chan for 2 years (since I was 16), but I feel like everyone on /a/ is apart of my family. Really, you guys are. There have been days where I come on, and I think "Wow, I must be the only nice person on here.", and then there are others where everyone is just being a silly witty bitch, and having a good time with many lulz and just being dumb in a corny way that makes you let out a "teehee". I don't mean to be a reminiscing faggot, but I really want everyone to know on /a/ that I care about them, and that some of the greatest lulz (not the best, but some of THE BEST) have been had by people like you. I would come on everyday, and always find the funny shit to appreciate about anime that make them fun, like those little things that you're afraid to bring up in real life because another stupid fag would be like "uh anime are for jerks". Like how you guys point out weird things characters say or absurd character actions, or your guys' stupid memes that are references to animes that make you look at something in a way you never thought of before. You guys are all so smart and clever, and have helped me grow in so many ways... ;_;
You are all made of awesome and win, and I mean ALL OF YOU ;_; I don't post on here much, I'm more of the person who likes to just watch and stay out of things, rather than jump into some big controversial argument in an attempt to try and sway someone's opinion (because people are always going to think what they want to think, no matter what). But I decided that this was post was long due, so I hope you guys don't all make fun of me. Even if you do, I still love you guys, because there is just something about how you guys own the shit out of someone when dissing them that makes it so that I can't help but smile even if it were me.