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At first you thought it was just normal display of affection between siblings, but soon you realized that her love affection towards you was more than what should've been for a little sister's love towards her older brother.
"She is still young, perhaps she is just confused, maybe she would grow out of it when she gets older. I'll just play along, keep my cool and pretend I don't notice." As the more mature one of the two, you thought to yourself.

But before you knew it, you found yourself deeply in love with her.

As time passed, you found the atmosphere between you grown more awkward, in front of your parents, and especially when the two of you were alone together. None of you had spoken out about it, but deep down, both of you clearly knew what was going on.

Then on one fateful day...
There she was, standing in front of you with her cheeks blushed in bright red and eyes closed. Without exchanging a single word, you knew by instinct what has to be done.