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"Ara ara... looks like you're lucky, Kaiji-kuuunn" Akagi commented, sitting calmly as yet another million went to Kaiji.
"Heh, I guess I am lucky. Heheheh" Kaiji whimpered, still shaking from his close call with death.
"But you lack one thing." Akagi continued, "You lack the heart of a gambler. You are too afraid of a meaningless death from a gamble. You will not win."
Like electricity, the shock of those words shook his body. Kaiji can't win unless he gambles it all.
"I... I b-bet.." Kaiji whimpered. He tried to say it, but the words simply didn't want to come out.
"What do you bet, Kaiji-kuun?" Akagi enquired, his piercing eyes fixed on Kaiji.
Kaiji stood up, clenched his fists and shouted "I beat my heart!"
"Ara ara. Bad choice. I've got rock." Akagi stated, laying down his last card.
Kaiji's world fell apart around him. He slumped down and flipped his last card. Scissors.
"Looks like your heart is mine, Kaiji-kuuun~ ?"
A tight embrace. Their warm lips met.