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I thought you were smarter /a/non.. apperantly all you can do is cry about how ronery you are and succumb deeper and deeper to anime and MOE, Yandere, Gar and such.. when there's a real truth, the truth everybody who wants to be someone at life realize.

Money is the key, not love it's all about the money.

You spend around 20 years of your life studying so you're able to gain large quantities of money.

You think love can beat everything? love can't beat poverty, misery and living like a shit with a jock who probably has 200 kinds of STDS.

why not instead, of worrying about shit and roneryness, you instead try to study useful things, anime is recreative sure, but moe-blob shit makes you dumb, Gurren Lagann? believe in me who belives in you? bullshit, everybody in this life is a hypocrite no matter who it is, your mom, your grandpa, your best friend, they'll all lie so you can feel better and they gain points with you.

/a/non, but that hot bitch you see in school that you want to bone in? you can do it anon and it's easy, you go to school, maybe if you go to Mexico and become a famous drug lord, weapons dealer, i don't know... /a/non but the only thing i know is that MONEY is what matters.

The hot bitch will obviously dig in when she sees you in your awesome car, your gigantic house, your stock market investments, your own army of sweatshop chinks, because in the end.

There is NOTHING money can't buy.

Eternal Life? just wait a few decades and you'll be able to buy it?

God? please, there's a reason they ask you for money when you go to church.