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'Sup guys, I'm like new here and wanted to recommend you this totally awesome animè about some immortal hot guys called Baccano! It's like, super cute because it's about magical people that get together by coincidences and then good stuff happens to them because they're good and cool and hot.

There's Firo who is like, totally hot. He's perfect and flawless and super awesome because he's with some bad guys but he's really a good boy with a super big heart. And then Ennis is like totally deep because she's supposedly created but she is actually sooo sentimental and then she turns super cute because she is Firo's girl just 'coz like he gave her the button back.

And Miria and Issac are super funny because they're idiots and thieves but good guys and soooooo random.

But the best guy is the Rail Tracer because he's super hot but TOTALLY ORIGINAL because he's like crazy and random but super philosophical and dreamy and I'll marry him because I'm super philosophical too.

And then everything is like soo complicated because the story is out of order and you need to pay attention and is like super deep because they're immortal.

So watch Baccano!, super cool animè!