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sup /a/ (this is not a NOT YOUR BLOG entry)

A few hours ago a friend brought his external HDD with some anime I asked him to download. These are some shows and movies many people outside of and in /a/ think of as "good". I haven't watched them and thought about catching up.
The list is as follows:
Kino no Tabi
Kino no Tabi -life goes on-
5 cm per second
Sayonara Zestubou Sensei
The girl who leapt through time
Denno Coil

The first thing he told me when he came to my place was: "What the shit did you make me download".
Then he complained about how shitty "this Kino blabla" shit is with this "shitty man-woman" which is "shitty animated, looking melancholically to the camera in the OP (which he bashed for being "about coming of age shit" with flashing fonts on the top and bottom of the screen (wtf has Karaoke to do with a shows quality))"

Secondly he said watching 5cm per second was a waste of time. He concluded by denigrating the Baccano OP. He said it was (yes, again) shitty, stopping and showing each characters name repeatedly.

On a related note he said he started watching Higurashi (shitty) and dropped it. After asking, he said he dropped after EP 3 (lol!?). ADHD kid.

I raged. (about all of the above)
As I said, I haven't seen the shows yet, but will watch them with joy, regardless of his opinions.

tl;dr: My friend is a faggot (?)
What are /a/ thoughts about the shows/his opinion/me being a fag for starting this thread ಠ_ಠ ?

(the only show he loved from the list is SZS)