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Kaiji is a shit animu with average animation, average-to-low artwork, and episodes consisting mostly of crappy dramatized reaction-shots of the characters. There is no reason it should be so highly revered; it is only so because of its author's previous work, an average anime, Akagi, which was loved by many people for how unique it was. Now the novelty has worn off, and this style of anime does by no way invoke a feeling of nostalgia. The story is fairly well played out; if a viewer focuses mainly on that aspect of the show, they'll probably be satisfied with that content alone. But the same cannot be said animation or art-wise. The characters; the show isn't completely packed full of repeated personalities and arch-types, which is a good thing; however, the rest of the cast has little to no significance beyond creating scenes for the main character's reaction shot frenzies. The shots of Kaiji's face in a certain condition is completely overused; the lack of any character development or consistent story progression is overshadowed by the repeated shots of the main character's face.