ITT delicious copypasta

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When Kaiji returned from the bathroom, Sahara grabbed his wrist and placed a small piece of paper in his hand. "A man dressed in black left this behind for you," he said and leaned in closer. "He seemed to be quite the serious type. Dark glasses, cool air..."
Kaiji ignored Sahara's breath and read the cell number. Well, shit. They finally made their move.
"So, you sure don't need to make a call?" Sahara's hand lazily reached up and played with Kaiji's hair.
Kaiji felt numb. The ominous message weighed in his fingers as he distractedly tried to push the blond away. "H-hey!"
Before Kaiji was able to use any power, Sahara smoothly stepped back and raised both his hands in a calming gesture. Smirking, he fixed Kaiji with his stare before turning to leave. "I'll be in the bathroom then. Ne?"
Kaiji stared at his back incredulously. That guy!! How could he be so straightforward? And shit, he was right. The thought of the yakuza hounding him already was enough to drain him of his energy. That must be why he wasn't able to punch that drunkard in the face for coming too close. He would normally never let anyone touch him. That has got to be it.
Kaiji needed several deep breaths to calm himself. A headshake to clear his thoughts. Just stay cool and dial the number.