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It may sound kinda strange but I want some help in remembering an old anime movie that I watched as a kid.(I still remember it because it was banned from broadcasting on my TV network)

but I can only remember some vague flashbacks of it so please bare with me here:

1. There were an alien mother and her daughter (or maybe there were gods I dunno) with blue skin and very bright hair and black eyes reading a book about the end of the world at heaven or the outer space(that was at the end of the movie maybe?)

2. I also remember seeing bunch of people riding a jeep at some desert like canyons and there was some kind of insane pursuit (The general art style reminds me of both Hayao Miyazaki and Masamune Shirow at the same time?)

3. The protagonist at some point of the movie was approaching a human skeleton at a underground military base, and the skeleton was trying to push a button (was it some kind of doomsday device?) It was kinda freaky to me!

Help me out in identifying this anime movie.

Thanks in advanced