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>OMG FINALLY END! :XD:, it was doing for more than 4 days >_> :noes: , I is lazy :XD:, but as you can see, I painted each in a different way to what I usually paint :D :aww:, I took a lot >_> ( 30 to 40 minutes each, not couples 0-0! :faint: ) was a very long >_>, in fact, first drew the sketches and then draw to couples was as follows :heart::star: [link] :star:

>:bulletpurple: I hope you like them, maybe we have different tastes, but if there is yet to be a partner in this list that you like, I would like to know which is :D :aww:

>:bulletpurple: If you do not like the yaoi, it is not my problem, since I put on the title "my favorite couples YAOI" to warn U-U :heart:

Why do shitty artists like this get feautered? And why do people like the rehash they draw?