KyoAni Question (pic unrelated)

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I tried to ask this question not long ago, and failed miserably. Now I'll try again.

I wan't something good from Kyoto Animation. Unfortunately, all of their "best stuff" is far too fanservice-heavy to get any real substance out of 'em (and very little in the line of good action scenes). The only realy exception that I know of is Full Metal Panic! But I've already seen all that.

So now I turn to you, /a/!

ITT: KyoAni titles that fit the following stipulations

- Little to no moe
- Not a dating sim anime
- Not a harem anime
- Not overbearingly fanservice oriented (so no fucking Haruhi)
- Not FMP (because I've already seen that one)

Good action scenes aren't a stipulation, but they most certainly are a bonus.