oiasuminasai minna!!! XDDD

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hello everyone xDD whos speaks here is me, megumi-chan, the most kawaii girl ever xDDD a fridn of mine told me that you here are big fans of anime ^____^ just like me! XDD lol u must be thinking that im baka or something, well ur right im very crazy xDDDD but no i dont like these animes stupid!!! -___- i mean i dont watch naruto and these animes for children i mean, the other day a boy at my school said to me "you like anime???? i like naruto!" and i was like "lol what are u thinking u baka(i bet he didnt even knew at baka knews, what a stupid!11 O.O) i dont watch that naruto!!!!"
so he was like shut up xDDDD i won
i mean trues otakus like me only watch aniems with good fighting and romance like inuyasha xDDD cause thats a good anime XD
theres a guy in my school that is so hot and good at sports O.o, i think that when he is my boyfriend he will like inuyasha and will learn martial arts to fight to protect me xDDDDD

anyways thats it guys, the picture is my avatar for this forum did you like it???? XDDDDD