ITT: Books you would like to see turned into anime

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I would rather enjoy a 1 season anime series loosely based on "The Ship Who Sang." Basically, in the distant future severely handicapped children are given the option of being placed in mechanical shells and trained to become one with machines.

One such child, Helva, is born with a terminal case of moe disease (/sarcasm). She is placed in her life support shell and becomes the starship XH-834 and partnered with a "Brawn" (specially trained companion and helper) named Jennan.

The series follows their battles with a nameless alien foe and focuses mostly on Helva's infatuation with Jennan and her frustration at being unable to act on her feelings. At the end of the series, Jennan dies and Helva goes ballistic and slaughters the entire alien fleet in a fit of adolescent rage.