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so im 10 years behind and finally finished chobits manga

i was warned when i started it was a chick manga. but i thought to myself "anystory with romance is a chick manga, right?"

so im getting to the end, pretty climactic. anyway, i was drop kicked in the face with the ending.

"it doesnt matter if we cant bone, as long as we're together!!"

whhhaaattt ttthhheee fffuuucckkk???

CLAMP really is just a bunch of chicks, i mean come on. this ending upset me so much it practically ruined the series.

a) dont make a damn luscious blond haired wonder and then slap an abstinence sign on her
b) i figured the whole "my crotch is a special place only 'he' can go" was one of those "wait till marriage kids and then you can bone all you want!!" which im totally for, make the bone more special, but come on, dont cockblock a guy for the rest of his life AFTER he has fallen for the girl.
c) now every fucking chobits doujin i have makes no sense
d) i hate you CLAMP