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Alright guys, I know this isn't the right place to post this but it's probably as close as it gets, as I'm sure there's at least a bunch of you studying Japanese using an electronic dictionary, so here goes:

A friend of mine recently bought the Casio Ex-word Dataplus3 XD-SW6400 electronic dictionary for Japanese-English (and vice versa).

The thing is, she still needs to download an entire library for it. She told me she was looking for a particular library called Shin Waei Jiten (New japanese-english dictionary) by Kenkyusha.

Now, this shit isn't free. But I'm sure one of you rascals has found a way to get it free regardless.

So, any idea where I can get the software I'm looking for? Google gives me nothing but Japanese results.

Sorry again for completely off-topic, but you're my only hope /a/