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With only the words "I have no interest in three-dimensions", the second year high school student that's on the level of a hikikomori, Nishijyou Takumi, lives out his life in a corner house, surrounded by bishoujo figures.
While living in Shibuya, a case of serial murders called "Madness of the New Generation(Nickname: New Gen) broke out, and had the television and internet in an uproar every day.
One day, when he was chatting as usual, a character named "Shogun" appeared before Takumi. He gave him a url link to a website that had predicted the way the next New Gen murder would take place in grotesque detail. Furthermore, the next day, Takumi came across the scene of the murder, and it was as they predicted.
Takumi's tranquil days had silently entered the shadow of seeking bizarre events.