BGC 2032

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Dear /a/,

I truly believe that Bubblegum Crisis (not BGC2040) is the greatest animation ever made. No, do not even attempt to sway my opinion on that. There's a couple that come close, but there's nothing like the original Knight Sabers.

That said, I remember watching it in Germany, renting the videos time and time again and, like Sailor Moon for example, it was the original version, just dubbed.

When I moved to the UK I found, much to my dismay, that the version available here is the american, i.e. heavily edited. What little violence there was had been cut, chopping songs into bits, making it painfully obvious that whole scenes are gone, that bits suddenly don't make sense anymore. But I know, I just know, that there must be a fansub around somewhere. The usual torrent sources didn't help. Anyone know of such a place?

tl;dr: Is there an uncut fansub of BGC2032?