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Holy shit, /a/.

So I've hidden my powerlevel rather well as of recent. The only time you would see how big of a wee/a/boo I am is in my room.

So my roommate is staying up all night (it's 2:50am right now) for a midterm. I've just finished studying, so I'm browsing /a/. My roommate's friend comes in to get notes from him, while I ignore him and continue to browse /a/. He then says to me "so you watch anime, huh?"

I turn around and go, "a little". So he asks me what series I'm watching right now, and I reply "a few drama series" (actually following ~8 shows that are currently airing, you know, series that /a/ doesn't regard as shit). He then replies "Oh, I'm watching Naruto and Bleach! They're SO GOOD OMG". At that point, I just facepalm and turn back around to browse /a/ until he leaves about half a minute later. Fuck, I almost exploded in nerd RAGE because of shitty shounen plus generic shounen retard.

tl;dr - I met one of the types of anime fans I hated the most, almost blew it and almost completely exposed my powerlevel.

On a related note: I can't believe people still watch that shit.