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Rate them in the order of how much they appeal to you.

For me, it's:
1: Batshit Insane Bisexual Lolicon
We’d pick up kids in the park together for orgies and have sex while watching loli porn. We have a lot in common and have identical taste in anime, so would never run out of things to discuss.

2: /a/non female
Fine too.

3: Hikikomori Internet Stalker
I want a yandere girl to worship me as the sole object of her affection to unhealthy points.

4: Fanartist
In my experience these types tend to be nice, good girls. (If a little on the egotistical side.)

5: Hot Topic Gothic Lolita
Hey, an annoying loli that writes shitty emo poetry and cuts herself is still a loli.

6: Attention Whore Cosplayer
Would probably have a very annoying personality, but I’ve always had an interest in cosplay sex.

7: Gamer
It’d actually be pretty cool if she really knew her shit about video games, but the Kingdom Hearts shirt makes me think otherwise. She looks like the yaoi fangirl’s little sister and will possibly grow up into her.

(Continued, field too long.)