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'Sup /a/

I'm majoring in Japanese and need your help for my research essay. More specifically, I'm majoring in Japanese Translation and need to analyse a series of manga translation to observe its different interpretations of onomatopoeia, puns or honorifics (from Japanese to English).

I need your help in deciding a couple of series to use that has been translated by an official publisher (i.e. Dark Horse, Chuang-Yi, Tokyopop). Unfortunately fan-translations are a no-no :(

I thought of doing Yakitate!! Japan but I don't think the manga has been licensed/translated :/ I'm thinking Evangelion (MAYBE) because it's been translated by Chuang-Yi and Tokyopop separately (right?). I should be using Fruits Basket.

Would really appreciate ANY suggestions you have, /a/. Anything I can buy on Amazon would be a bonus!