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How were you introduced to Anime/Manga?

Mine starts off with a simple lie. Summer of '99. My best friend and I were on our way to buy Pokemon Blue from a kid we knew at school. We arrived at his house and go down to his bedroom in the basement. The walls are covered with DBZ posters. My friend concludes his transaction with the kid and I in passing ask what's with the posters? He replies, "That's DragonBall Z. It's a Japanese cartoon. That's Vegeta. That's Trunks, He's Vegeta's son. Vegeta *RAPES* Bulma, (points to a girl in one of the posters) and she gives birth to Trunks." I am shocked. A cartoon with rape? We leave, and at my friends house we proceed to scour the Internet about this raping cartoon. (Coincidentally, searching for, “vegeta rape bulma” becomes my first experience with hentai.) As I soon find out this was all a bunch of bull but nonetheless learning about the existence of Hentai, Anime, & Manga all in one day was pretty awesome.

It may have been my first experience with meeting a proto-/b/-tard too?